Caitlin T. McCormack

Designer Edge with Caitlin T. McCormack

Who would have thought that crochet could replicate complex bone structures so realistically? Caitlin T. McCormack’s crocheted skeletons have you doing a double take. Her work elevates the eerie beauty of skeletons to an artform, with just fine white cotton and a crochet hook. And the sculptures are made all the more dramatic against black […]

Phil Saul Crochet Chair

Phil Saul and the Renovation of a Tired, Old Chair

Once upon a time (an embarrassingly long time ago), Phil Saul lived alone in a flat in Oxford. The young psychologist loved her home very much and was happy there, but didn’t have much spare cash. Not being able to afford an antique overstuffed armchair on castors, she went to Ikea, where she bought a Poäng chair. […]

typography fabrics 3

Pattern & Palette Play – Typography Fabrics

Write it, type it, make it – designers are putting pen to fabric so you can cut and piece words and letters to create projects with a bold, graphic style. Compiled by Janai Velez Left to right: 1. Windham Fabrics ‘Type’ D35534-2, designed by Julia Rothman. Distributed by Leutenegger. 2. Robert Kaufman Fabrics ‘One Fish […]


Pattern & Palette Play – Cafe Society Fabrics

Coffee and chardonnay crowds now have fabric designs in their honour, featuring fashionistas and baristas, cocktails and cake, bongos and barbies, soirées and stilettos. The material of high society. Compiled by Janai Velez Left to right: 1. Windham Fabrics ‘Girls Night Out’ 43073-1, designed by Terri Degenkolb. Distributed by Leutenegger. 2. Liberty Fabrics ‘Garden of […]

pink and black fabric

Pattern & Palette Play – Black and Pink Fabrics

Pretty pink always has its place, but if you want it to pack a visual punch, try adding the might and power of black. Juxtaposing these giants of the spectrum bears stunning results, perfect for a Valentine’s Day project – Black and Pink Fabrics. Compiled by Janai Velez Black and Pink Fabrics: Left to right: […]

Getting Cosy with Designers - Chris Jurd & Sue Pinner

Getting Cosy with Designers – Chris Jurd & Sue Pinner

Be inspired by our truly amazing contributors and designers as featured on Cosy PROJECT! Chris Jurd “I make five or six quilts a year, on average – some by hand and some by machine. Playing with fabric and colour is the best fun ever!” Blog: Do you like craft retreats? “Sure do, as a participant […]

Pattern & Palette Play - Sports Fabrics

Pattern & Palette Play – Sports Fabrics

Score points for your crafting with medal-worthy sports fabrics. Kick goals, swim laps, pedal push and be first over the finishing line with these no-sweat, ultra-energetic designs. Distributed by Millhouse Collections, Craft Project, PK Fabrics and others! Compiled by Janai Velez Sports Fabrics: Left to right: 1. Riley Blake Designs ‘Play Ball 2’ Main C5130-BLUE, […]


Left-Handed Crafting Guide

Between 10 and 15 per cent of the population is left-handed, and most tools, utensils and other industrial and household items are designed to suit right-handed users. We can’t help with kettles and power drills, but read on to find out how to embroider, sew, knit, crochet, cut and iron as a left-handed crafting guru. […]


30 Delft Design Fabrics

Taking cues from classic Delft design, these beautiful fabrics soothe the eye, calm the spirit and speak of the incomparable charms of mixed blues and white. Compiled by Janai Velez Jennifer Murray’s appliqué quilt pattern combines simplicity and symmetry Top L – R Clockwise: Northcott ‘Porcelain Blue’ 20694-10, designed by Deborah Edwards Northcott Studio. Distributed by Lloyd Curzon […]


Pastel Play Fabrics

Kid-in-a-candy-store sweet treats! Modern children’s fabrics have come of age and beg to be sewn into tiny garments, quilts and precious toys. Compiled by Janai Velez Windham Fabrics ‘Laundry Day’ 42416-X, designed by Whistler Studios. Distributed by Leutenegger. Windham Fabrics ‘Laundry Day’ 42417-3, designed by Whistler Studios. Distributed by Leutenegger. Riley Blake Designs ‘Happy Day’ […]