30 Delft Design Fabrics

Taking cues from classic Delft design, these beautiful fabrics soothe the eye, calm the spirit and speak of the incomparable charms of mixed blues and white. Compiled by Janai Velez Jennifer Murray’s appliqué quilt pattern combines simplicity and symmetry Top L – R Clockwise: Northcott ‘Porcelain Blue’ 20694-10, designed by Deborah Edwards Northcott Studio. Distributed by Lloyd Curzon […]


Pastel Play Fabrics

Kid-in-a-candy-store sweet treats! Modern children’s fabrics have come of age and beg to be sewn into tiny garments, quilts and precious toys. Compiled by Janai Velez Windham Fabrics ‘Laundry Day’ 42416-X, designed by Whistler Studios. Distributed by Leutenegger. Windham Fabrics ‘Laundry Day’ 42417-3, designed by Whistler Studios. Distributed by Leutenegger. Riley Blake Designs ‘Happy Day’ […]

Cosy Project Crochet

Robyn Hicks Shares her Favourite Crochet Projects and Tips

Robyn Hicks is an ultra-creative crocheter! She shares her two crochet favourite projects, her two top crochet tips and her love of crochet with us. Robyn Hicks’ Favourite Projects 1. The Crochet Curtain What rule book says that crochet can’t be used as curtaining? Not one on Robyn Hicks’ library shelf, that’s for sure. Robyn turned […]

Cosy Project Crochet Guide

Six Crochet Tips you’ll Wish you Knew when you Started

Self-taught crocheter Ashleigh Kiser has made a mire of mistakes and come out of the process with skill and a smile on her face. Here she passes on some must-read crochet tips so you can bypass the winding backroads of crochet knowledge and speed right along the highway to success. I haven’t talked about this […]