Pattern and Palette Play: Wild Fabrics

Time to go wild! Let these fabrics transport you to the African plains and a tropical jungle, with fluorescent colours and friendly animal prints. Compiled by Janai Velez Top L – R Clockwise: Sevenberry for Robert Kaufman Fabrics ‘Island Paradise’ RK412912 (Maize colourway). Distributed by Two Green Zebras. Liberty Fabrics ‘Contemporary Classic’ Queue for the […]


Pattern and Palette Play: Seaside Fabrics

Craving sunset walks along the shoreline? The sight of tumbling waves and distant sail boats? Well, dip your toes into these refreshing ocean-inspired designs. Compiled by Janai Velez Top L – R Clockwise: Northcott ‘Shore Thing’ 22070-42, designed by Lynnea Washburn. Distributed by Lloyd Curzon Textiles. Riley Blake Designs ‘Pirate’s Life’ Seas the Day C7355-BLUE, designed […]

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Welcome to Bonnie Christine’s Workroom

Creative dreams really can come true if you have the will, skill and initiative. Just look what happened to fabric designer BONNIE CHRISTINE, who is now an international name working out of an idyllic home studio. By Susan Hurley There are thousands and thousands of eager artistic/inventive types out there, keen as mustard and capable […]


Pattern & Palette Play – Pink and Purple Fabrics: Sugar-Sweet Meets Bold

Pretty pink. Powerful purple. Put them together to pack a visual punch, with a spoonful of sugar to sweeten the deal.  Compiled by Janai Velez   Top L – R Clockwise: Art Gallery Fabrics ‘Wonderland’ Enchanted Leaves Plum WND-2533, designed by Katarina Roccella. Distributed by Craft Project – Charles Parsons. Robert Kaufman Fabrics ‘Swan Princess […]


Pattern & Palette Play: Enchanted Garden Fabrics

Welcome to our glorious garden sanctuary – it’s a little bit wild, a little bit rambling and quite magical. No digging, no watering – just blooming abundance. Let us plant the seed of floral fabric ideas. Compiled by Janai Velez Top L – R Clockwise: 1. FreeSpirit ‘Sweet Dreams’ Source Code – Glisten PWAH119.GLIST, designed […]


Pattern & Palette Play: Out-of-this-world Space Fabrics

The cosmos is at your fingertips with these stellar fabric pattern designs. Shining moons, colourful planets and some cheeky aliens! Take a trip to foreign galaxies with us. Compiled by Janai Velez Top L – R Clockwise: 1. Northcott ‘Stonehenge Out Of This World’ 39154G-49, designed by Linda Ludovico. Distributed by Lloyd Curzon Textiles. (To be released […]

Jennifer Corkish

Jennifer Corkish, Her Work and Her Upcoming Sea Change

The term sea change couldn’t be more fitting for the future of quilter Jennifer Corkish, who is moving from the Southern Highlands to the south coast of NSW. I spoke with Jennifer about plans for her new studio and how the new house will affect her creative process. By Caroline Adams. Those looking for a […]

Primary Colour Fabrics 17-20

Primary Colour Fabrics: A Colourful Pattern & Palette Play

Boldest blue, rip-roaring red and summer-sun yellow are the foundation of the whole colour spectrum. Every once in a while we like to revisit primary colours and pay homage to their might, power and versatility. Janai Velez has accordingly compiled our 30 favourite primary colour fabrics. Top L – R Clockwise: 1. P&B Textiles ‘Cool […]

Rose Fabrics 29-30

Rose Fabrics: A Romantic Pattern & Palette Play

This week we’re admiring all things rosy! We’ve hand picked a selection of prickle-free, everlasting roses, just for you! Enjoy scrolling through 30 of our favourite rose fabrics. Top L – R Clockwise: 1. Penny Rose Fabrics ‘English Rose’ Main C6970-PINK, designed by Penny Rose Studio. Distributed by Millhouse Collections. 2. FreeSpirit ‘Autumn Grace’ Rose […]

Spot Fabrics 5-8

Spot Fabrics: A Colourful Pattern & Palette Play

Small or large, sparse or dense, monochromatic or multi-coloured. Whatever their form, spot fabrics, like stripe fabrics, are a design perennial! Here are 30 of our favourite spot fabrics to inspire your next creative project! Top L – R Clockwise: 1. Cotton+Steel ‘Noel’ CS5137/2, designed by Alexia Abegg. Distributed by Dayview Textiles. 2. Northcott Fabrics ‘Mrs. Bobbins’ […]