Cool Tools on the Patchwork and Quilting Market

This page is devoted to bringing you all the trusted old favourites and new tools on the patchwork and quilting market.

Tailormade Elements Cutting Table


This table does double duty: cutting and storage! First, it is 92cm high, with a width of 100cm and depth of 62cm. Its first use is as a cutting table, with the extra height making it more comfortable to cut. The large size of the top takes the bigger cutting mats. The open shelves underneath are adjustable and can hold your project boxes. But lift the lid and you access a hidden storage area ideal for long rulers, templates and other cutting implements. The table will also match other Tailormade pieces of furniture for your sewing room. Distributed by Sydney Sewing Supplies.

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Janome Border Guide Foot


Create your own fabulous decorative designs fast with this fun foot. The base of the clear foot measures just over 5½cm wide. It has a cut-out groove underneath to take the bulk of the embroidery. The red lines, which are spaced 1cm apart, are to ensure even spaces in multiple lines of embroidery. Mark the first line, then use the foot to keep everything straight. You can find these at your local Janome dealer.

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The biggest unpicker on the market? This Australian-designed handy tool clamps to your table. The upper larger seam ripper blade allows you to rip open your seams very fast, and even has a light and cover for when not in use. A second hem ripper blade is located on the side and is the normal seam ripper style that you are familiar with. It is for unpicking hems and seams where you need to place part of the seam ripper inside the seam. Available from www.pikkidesigns.com.

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