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Meet Designers Sandra Paul and Sue Belleli

Be inspired by our truly amazing Cosy designers and contributors. This week we get to know Sandra Paul and Sue Belleli!

Sandra Paul

Designers Sandra Paul
Designer Sandra Paul

On Crochet…

“Crochet is very relaxing – the rhythm of it is so soothing. It gives me a lot of joy.”

My First Time Crocheting…

“ … I was all fingers and thumbs and found it a very strange and unnatural thing to try and get my hands to do. Luckily, that awkward stage didn’t last for too long.”

Designers Sandra Paul Pillow

Make Sandra Paul’s best selling All of a Flutter Pillow

My Personal Style is…

“Colourful – I’m inspired by beautiful colour combinations . Then maybe pretty, feminine, floral, fun and, hopefully, happy.”

In the Future, I’ll be…

“Just bumbling along in my own little world, playing with pretty yarn and fabric and, if an idea pops into my head, seeing if I can make it happen.”

Designers Sandra Paul Ornaments

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Sue Belleli

Designers Sue Belleli
Designer Sue Belleli

On Quilting…

“There’s nothing better than seeing the look on someone’s face when you give them a handmade quilt as a gift – it’s priceless.”

On Buying Fabric First…

“I seldom purpose-buy fabric for a quilt, as I get frustrated when I can’t find what’s in my head. So it’s really the other way around, for me – the fabric first, and then the design comes later.”

Designers Sue Belleli Quilt

Make Sue Belleli’s charming Short & Sweet Dachshund Quilt

My Personal Style is…

“I’ve always been drawn to cottage crafts. Most of my quilts are cottage style or shabby chic, but I also love a bit of fun.  I’m a natural homemaker, and cosy quilts on beds and sofas make a home feel loved and welcoming.”

I am Most Proud of…

“… My first ever quilt. It’s so badly made compared to how I make quilts now, but I love it. I didn’t have a pattern, just a picture of a quilt I liked on a calendar that I used as a guide. I hadn’t heard of rotary cutters (it was all cut out with scissors); my pinwheels didn’t have points; and my seams were all a bit off.”

Designers Sue Belleli Tote

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Sandra Paul


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