Koala Softie Pattern Feature

FREE Softie Pattern: Make these Adorable Koalas!

Delilah Iris has created this adorable koala softie pattern, and we’re passing it on to you for FREE! Who doesn’t want a tiny, felty koala to call their own? This softie pattern is complete in 8 simple steps!

Koala Softie Pattern

You will need:

  • White and coloured wool felt plus a scrap of black
  • Pair of small plastic safety eyes
  • Stranded embroidery cotton to match the coloured felt plus black
  • Embroidery and doll needles
  • Fibre fill
  • Freezer paper
  • Small stuffing tool
  • General sewing supplies
  • FREE Koala Softie Pattern (click here to download and print!)

Note: If the softie is for a young child, don’t use beads or buttons for the eyes as they could work loose and become a choking hazard – only use safety eyes or embroider them instead.

Finished size: 8cm (3in) approx.

Step 1

Koala Softie Pattern Step 1

Trace the koala front, back, head detail, arm, leg detail and nose shapes from the Pattern Sheet onto the dull side of the freezer paper and cut them out accurately. Fuse them to the appropriate felt with a warm iron and cut the felt around the edge of the paper carefully. You need one white front, one coloured back and head detail, two leg details, four arms and one black nose shape.

Step 2

Koala Softie Pattern Step 2

Pin the leg detail and head detail shapes to the white felt front with the outer edges matching. Using two strands of thread to match the coloured felt, whipstitch the inner edges to the white felt, leaving the outer edges unstitched.

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Step 3

Koala Softie Pattern Step 3

Pin the nose in place at the bottom of the head detail shape and whipstitch it in place with two strands of black thread. Fit the eyes in place. If using safety eyes, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. However you can also use beads, buttons, embroidery thread or even paint the eyes on.

Step 4

Koala Softie Pattern Step 4

Match the front and back shapes and pin them together. There should be a tiny bit of coloured felt showing at the top of the ears. Using two strands of coloured thread, sew running stitch along the top of the ears and fasten the thread inside the koala. Then begin blanket stitching the edges together about halfway up one side. When you get to the ears, sew running stitch through both layers, then continue blanket stitching until you’re about 3cm (11/4in) from the start. Stuff the koala with fibre fill, pushing small amounts down into the legs first, and then finish sewing the opening closed.

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Step 5

Koala Softie Pattern Step 5

Match two arm shapes and blanket stitch around the edges to join them together. Before you get back to the start, insert small amounts of filling and blanket stitch the opening closed. Repeat this step to make a second arm the same. Because felt is reversible, you needn’t worry about having left and right arms. Use one strand of black thread to sew small straight-stitch claws at the narrow ends of the arms.

Step 6

Koala Softie Pattern Step 6

To give the koala posable arms, thread the doll needle with a long length of thread, double it and knot the ends together. Insert the needle at one side of the koala near the top of a leg detail, push it straight through the body and come out through an arm about 5mm (1/4in) from the top. Pull the needle right through – the knot will be hidden by the other arm.

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Step 7

Koala Softie Pattern Step 7

Pin the second arm in place. Push the needle back through the top of the first arm very close to the previous exit point, creating a tiny stitch, go right through the body and out the top of the second arm in the same position as before. Continue sewing back and forth through the two arms and body several times, making sure the tiny stitches are on top of each other. Fasten the thread under one of the arms and bury the end inside the koala.

Koala Softie Pattern Step 8

Step 8

Admire your work! You’ve completed the softie pattern and created an adorable felt koala! This softie pattern is quick and fun to do, and only takes about an hour to construct. The felt koalas make great pocket pets, or you can attach a string to the top and hang them as ornaments. Now can you stop at one?

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