Getting Cosy with designers Estelle Pemberton and Vicki Knight

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Estelle Pemberton – Estelle of Brighton

Website: estelleofbrighton.com

 “I just loved the idea of making bags. The possibilities are endless, and they feel like an ongoing art project.”

Estelle Pemberton

“I combine hand dyeing, appliqué, embroidery, crystals and bead work with leather, liberty fabrics, tweed and linen to make bags that are quite distinctly ‘me’.”

Estelle Pemberton 1

“I find the best things in my crafting spaces are the simple one, like the old jam jar lids screwed to the underside of my shelves, so I can fill jars with all sorts of bag-making bits and can find them easily without going through drawers and boxes.”

Estelle Pemberton 6

Make this extraordinary wristlet using Estelle Pemberton’s bag pattern

“The challenge is in the making, for me – getting an eye to look perfect or embroidering a type face exactly right is what I find satisfying. I love the finished products, but putting them on the shelves at my local stockist or popping them in the post and getting wonderful feedback from happy customers is the best reward. I do wish I’d kept one of every type of bag I’ve made, though. It would be great to have an exhibition of them one day.”

Vicki Knight

Email: vickilorraine@hotmail.com

“There are only so many quilts that I can use, but I don’t want to stop making them!”

Vicki Knight

“I do what takes my fancy at the time. I don’t think that my style varies much from project to project, but sometimes I like to break out and do something different.”

Vicki Knight 12

Create this Sweet Justice Quilt by Vicki Knight

“I never draw designs up before I start to sew and I never know how the project will look until I have finished it. My designing method is quite haphazard. As I go along, new ideas come to me, which I incorporate into what I am doing.”

Vicki Knight 15

Set yourself a challenge to make this beautiful quilt from less-than-lovely fabric!

“My love used to be garment-making, particularly for young children, but it holds no interest for me now. I would much rather spend my time cutting up perfectly good pieces of material and sewing them back together again – which is how my husband views my patchwork addiction.”


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