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Getting Cosy with Designers – Katrina Hadjimichael & Mollie Johanson

Be inspired by our truly amazing contributors and designers as featured on Cosy PROJECT!

Katrina Hadjimichael

Email: kat.had@bigpond.com / katrina@katrinahadjimichael.com.au
Blog: katrinahadjimichael.blogspot.com
Website: https://katrinahadjimichael.com.au

“Quilters instantly have a connection to each other than transcends age, culture and status.”


Colours of Katrina

“My favourite colour for quilts is red. I use many different reds, from soft pinky shades to rich dark tones. I also use a lot of brown, as I think it makes all the other colours ‘sing’. Red, mustard, green, blue and purple all look great with brown. Lots of prints in different scales are also a signature of mine.  They help me achieve a soft ‘tapestry’ look to my quilts.”


Get Katrina’s Autumn Lily Quilt Pattern Here!

Crafty Callisthenics

“My tiny work space is very cluttered, with all sorts of sewing stuff.  Sometimes, I have to shimmy sideways to get to the sewing machine.”


Quality and Quantity

“I’ve made about 200 quilts. I have piles of them in cupboards and on furniture around the house, and my mother is storing lots of them for me, as well.  Others are at the numerous quilt shops I teach at.”


Create Katrina Hadjimichael’s Olive Grove Quilt

Mollie Johanson

Wild Olive –  Blog: wildolive.blogspot.com

“Learning and making new things is part of who I am.”


My style is:

“I like to think of my style as the kind of thing that makes you say, ‘Awwww…that’s so cute!’ Nearly all my designs have faces: people, animals and even toasters. Each pattern has a personality.”


Create your own sweet embroidery with Mollie Johanson’s pattern!

Heaven sent

“My sewing and crafting resume has been built on doing what I love, learning new skills and sharing that with others. God has blessed me with work that fits with these things, and it’s turned into a really wonderful career.”


I wish that…

“… I’d never need to use my seam ripper and that my sewing machine tension would always be perfect. Do you have a genie that could help me out with that?”


Mollie’s Domestic Bliss apron pattern is just as cute as a cupcake!

It’s ideal!

“Embroidery has just been a fit for me. It’s perfectly portable, and I love that you can stitch in so many ways and on so many different things.”

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