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The hardest decision in the whole quilt making process is often quilting the final product. We’ve created an online long-arm quilting class, led by the talented Michele Turner and bursting with quilting tips! The class is perfect for those struggling to understand long-arm quilting and the different types of quilting which can be used in quilt projects. It is also FREE to access, anytime and anywhere!

In this post we discover what we can learn! We detail the steps involved in long-arm quilting, all of which the video covers!

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Chapter 1

The first step in long-arm quilting is being able to identify a long-arm machine. In the first chapter of our online class, Michele introduces herself, the long-arm quilting machine, and the mechanics of the machine.

Chapter 2

We then need to know the difference between edge-to-edge and custom quilting. In the second chapter of our class, Michele provides examples of each quilting style. She also identifies which designs each quilting style suits.

Quilting Tips - Michele Turner

Chapter 3

The third step is preparing your quilt for quilting. In the third chapter of our class, Michele describes this process and the differences between available quilt battings.

Chapter 4

The fourth step is choosing your quilter. In the fourth chapter of our class, Michele shares some advice on finding a long-arm machine quilter who will work best for you and your quilts.

Quilting Tips - Michele Turner With Quilt

Chapter 5

We then put the long-arm machine in action! In the fifth chapter of our class, Michele shows some of her free-motion and edge-to-edge quilting skills using her long-arm machine.

Chapter 6

In the sixth and final chapter of our class we view a gallery of quilts that Michele has made and quilted herself. We also view some of Michele’s customer’s quilts with edge-to-edge and custom quilting.


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Now that you’ve mastered long-arm quilting, check out our projects which incorporate the skill!

Twinkling Triangles Quilt

Robyn Gosby’s Twinkling Triangles Quilt is as simple as it is lovely! The pattern provides a quick, beginner level project which can be completed with fabric scraps.

Long-Arm Quilting Tips - Twinkling Triangles Quilt

The Twinkling Triangles Quilt suits edge-to-edge long-arm quilting

Ohio Curves Quilt

Michelle Marvig’s Ohio Curves Quilt is bold, yet delicate. The pattern provides an intermediate level project which will take your curved piecing to the next level.

Long-Arm Quilting Tips - Ohio Curves Quilt

The Ohio Curves Quilt was quilted with an all-over design on a long-arm quilting machine