Meet Susan Cowper's Cosy Folk

Meet Susan Cowper’s Cosy Folk

Meet Susan Cowper’s Cosy Folk – knitted tea cosies with a whole heap of personality.

We defy anyone to resist the charms of these knitted tea-cosy characters. When we came across these Susan Cowper designs online, we were so enchanted, we simply had to share. Aren’t they just the best?

Meet Susan Cowper's Cosy Folk

Her toasty townsfolk not only make you beam with pleasure but also drag your jaw down to your chest when you consider the intricacy of the work, not to mention the quaintness of the designs. A pretty terrific combination!

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Meet Susan Cowper's Cosy Folk

For Susan, it all started with Christmas-gift Santas and snowmen and graduated into what is now a flourishing business. As she says, “Designing ‘people’ gave me such joy that I knew I wanted to create caricature tea cosies. They remind me of 1970’s children’s programs.

Meet Susan Cowper's Cosy Folk

“When I create a new character, I like to have someone in mind to base them on. When working on bespoke tea cosies, I’m given a photograph to work from, but I also like to ask about the person I’m knitting to add other personal details in.

Meet Susan Cowper's Cosy Folk

“I think tea cosies should be talking points at social tea times – something that will make your guests chuckle and give you a lift.”

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“My favourite character is usually the one I’m working on. I think you have to fall in love with them so that they reflect the love back at you,” she says.

Meet Susan Cowper's Cosy Folk

Susan also describes how designing the Queen’s cosy was a royal pain in the neck. “I think the queen was the biggest challenge to design. There’s so much detail in her outfit. The crown, too, is very involved.

“I’m not a fan of knitting bobbles – they take such a lot of time – but they do make her hairstyle look fantastic and, to be honest, if you’re going to add lots of detail to anyone, it would have to be Her Majesty the Queen wouldn’t it?

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Meet Susan Cowper's Socy Folk

“If you look closely, you’ll notice I had to make her left handed. I don’t think she is really left handed, but the pattern requires a miniature cup and saucer, which I bought online. When it arrived, the picture on the cup was only on one side, so I had to choose between seeing the blue flowers on the cup or making the Queen right handed – the cup and saucer won.”

The collection we are showing here is a mere sprinkling of the community of cosies that have come from Susan Cowper’s knitting needles. Order these cosies online or buy the patterns to knit them yourself at!