Prue Scott Cushion Feature

Meet Designers Prue Scott and Cinita Gonzalez

Be inspired by our truly amazing Cosy PROJECT designers and contributors! This week we meet Prue Scott and Cinita Gonzalez from My Poppet!

Prue Scott

Prue Scott
Designer and Cosy PROJECT contributor Prue Scott

On making mistakes…

“I always unpick a mistake, otherwise it would stare at me from the finished work, mocking me!”

My personal style is…

“I try so many different projects that I think my style is eclectic. Usually, my works do involve floral designs, though, considering I am a botanist and botanical artist. And I often work in similar colours – blues, greens and cool reds.”

Prue Scott Bag

Check out Prue’s Gorgeous Georgian Bag!

On crafting in primary school and high school…

Primary school: “My twin sister (well-known embroiderer Yvette Stanton) and I used to make little felt mice to sell to friends at primary school – although I think there was more craft glue than sewing with those!

High school: There were four students whose embroidery work was chosen for a school entry in the Sydney Royal Easter Show, including mine and my sister’s, and we were displayed in the Standard of Excellence cabinet. It did wonders for our confidence in our embroidery skills.”

I’ve also tried…

“I made my own wedding dress; I’ve done basket weaving with vines from our fence; I’ve done patchwork; made clothes for the kids; recovered a couch …”

I wish that…

“My kids wouldn’t play with my sewing machine, particularly while I’m using it!”

Prue Scott Cushion

 Create Prue’s lovely Azulejos Almofada Cross-Stitch Cushion!

Cinita Gonzalez

Cinita Gonzalez
Designer and Cosy PROJECT contributor Cinita Gonzalez

On making…

“If you can think it, you can make it. It’s a very special superpower to be able to create unique things with your own hands.”

My personal style is…

“Colourful with a retro twist – I’m strongly influenced by ’60s and ’70s designs. I’m not scared to mix and match prints and textures, sometimes a little unconventionally. I’m always on the hunt for vintage fabrics, unwanted haby and old clothing for my projects. Most of my supplies are from op-shops and flea markets or passed on to me by friends.”

Cinita Gonzalez Wall Hanging

Check out Cinita’s World Pieces Wallhanging!

On challenges…

“Up-cycling materials poses unique challenges that sometimes need creative problem-solving. Sewing with vintage fabric means I often have to cut around holes or stains. I can’t just go back to the shop and buy more of the same fabric, so it encourages me to get creative.”

On shortcuts…

“Mum was good at finding shortcuts, especially with dressmaking. It’s helped me assess which steps are most important to get perfect and which can be tweaked to save on time or materials.”

Cinita Gonzalez Pot Holders

Make Cinita’s cute Hot and Hearty Potholders!

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