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Quick Stitch: Chocolate Bunny

Not made with a glass-and-a-half of full-cream milk, but with felt, so the pleasure lasts for years, not minutes! This sweet (adorable, not sugary)chocolate bunny puts its Easter namesake in the shade. Designed and made by Allison Dey Malacaria.

  • 20 x 23cm (8 x 9in) brown wool fabric or felt (bunny front)
  • 20 x 23cm (8 x 9in) light-coloured wool fabric, flannel or felt (bunny back)
  • 45cm (18in) ribbon (necktie)
  • 10mm (3/8in) button (eye)
  • Stranded embroidery cotton in light yellow, pink, green and blue
  • Fibre fill
  • Chopstick
  • Sewing machine
  • General sewing supplies

Stitches used: Backstitch, detached chain (lazy daisy) stitch, French knot

Finished size: 17cm (63/4in) tall

Pic 2 Choc Bunny

  1. Trace the bunny outline from the Pattern Sheet onto the wrong side of the light-coloured fabric with a pencil or fabric marker. (If the fabric is too thick to see through, make a template from paper or template plastic first.)
  2. Match the brown and light-coloured rectangles, right sides together, and pin. Using a small stitch length on the machine, sew around the traced line, leaving an opening along the base of the shape for turning and filling.
  3. Trim around the shape about 6mm (1/4in) outside the stitching line, clip the inner curves and notch the outer ones.
  4. Turn the bunny right side out and stuff it with fibre fill. Allison says, “Make sure you start with those ears, getting the very ends well stuffed by using small pieces of filling to stuff them bit by bit, tamping them in with the chopstick.”
  5. When the bunny is nicely filled, close the opening neatly by hand with ladder stitch or whipstitch.

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Pic 3 Choc Bunny
Back view

6. Allison says, “To hide the knots of the embroidery cotton, insert the needle with the knotted floss in a side seam, bring it up where you want you stitching to begin and pull it gently so the knot slips inside the softie. Go down at the end of the stitching, bring the needle out through a side seam and cut off the thread.” Three strands of thread are used for all the embroidery.

7. Referring to the pattern as a guide, use light yellow thread to backstitch the lines between the ears, the legs and around the tail.

Pic 4 Choc Bunny
Embroidery detail

8.  Using pink thread and detached chain (lazy daisy) stitch, sew a flower on the bunny’s back. Sew a green French knot for the centre and add two pairs of green detached chain (lazy daisy) stitch leaves around the flower. Change to blue thread and work a couple of clusters of French knots nearby.

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9. Sew the button in place securely for the eye, hiding the knots of the thread underneath it. Tie the ribbon in a bow around the neck to dress him up!

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About … Allison Dey

Allison is an avid hand stitcher who loves to experiment with found objects and fabrics. Second-hand linen and wool clothing make up the bulk of her fabric stash. Allison lived in Australia from 2011-2016 and was an active member of the CWA (Country Women’s Association), but now she has moved to her US hometown in the prairie to be near her parents. She continues to sew, embroider and design in her little cottage, and she teaches embroidery and hand sewing in local quilt shops, schools and libraries.

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