Deb Louie

Fancy Feathers With Deborah Louie

Well, I have decided that after more than 10 years of writing this column, it is time to finish. This is for no other reason than I wish to spend more time creating new quilts for teaching at workshops, filming more online classes and writing more of my books. My time with Quilters Companion magazine […]

Deborah Louie Free-Motion Quilter

Quilting Advice from Deborah Louie: Free-Motion Quilting with a Cross Hatch Stencil

Take one cross hatch stencil and a free-motion foot… We’ve looked at using a walking foot and a one-inch cross-hatch stencil to create interesting quilting designs and textures in a previous blog post. In this blog post, we look at using a free-motion foot and the same stencil to undertake free-motion quilting. By Deborah Louie With all […]


Quilting Advice from Deborah Louie: Open Feathers

Feathers, with a little practice and time, are a beautiful addition to your quilting repertoire. They add elegance to your quilts, and who doesn’t like the look of feather quilting on a project? What I really love about the open feather is that it is very quick to quilt. It suits both contemporary and traditional […]


Quilting Advice from Deborah Louie: Take one cross hatch stencils and a walking foot

Do you have cross hatch stencils at home that you bought at a quilt show or at your local patchwork shop and thought, yes, I will use that one day? Perhaps it is still in its packaging in the drawer somewhere. How often do we purchase a patchwork tool for that ONE DAY! Well, let’s […]

How To Quilt a Jelly Roll Race Quilt by Deborah Louie

How to Quilt a Jelly Roll Race Quilt with Deborah Louie

Deborah Louie shares her domestic quilting advice on how to Quilt a Jelly Roll race Quilt. Dear Deborah, I have made this jelly-roll quilt (160cm x 185cm) for my son, then I sandwiched it but I don’t know how to quilt it. I would love your advice on how I should be quilting this design. […]

Learn the Art of Straight Line Quilting

Quilting Advice from Deborah Louie: Free-Motion, Straight Line Quilting

Far too exhausting to to have straight lines running vertically and horizontally in the same pattern? Free-motion, straight line quilting is the answer. Written by Deborah Louie. Straight Line Quilting Techniques Sample 1 Start on a scrap of fabric and batting just to warm up. Start by moving the needle down, then up, and draw […]