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How Did She Do That? 5000 Trees by Cindy Watkins

Words by Casey Ioannou Photographs by Cindy Watkins Textile artist Cindy Watkins has always been intrigued by the magic of nature and has had a fascination with trees from a young age. “One of my earliest memories is going with my dad into the forest when I was very young,” Cindy recalls. “It was like […]

Jennifer Corkish

Jennifer Corkish, Her Work and Her Upcoming Sea Change

The term sea change couldn’t be more fitting for the future of quilter Jennifer Corkish, who is moving from the Southern Highlands to the south coast of NSW. I spoke with Jennifer about plans for her new studio and how the new house will affect her creative process. By Caroline Adams. Those looking for a […]


Hillary Waters Fayle – Designer Edge

For most of us, leaves simply mean summer shade and fall colour – we enjoy the underfoot autumn crunch and the year-round rustle of leaves lifted on breezes. But do we appreciate their true potential? by Janai Velez It’s a Fine Romance Quilt!  Virginia-based artist Hillary Waters Fayle likes to take a closer look at leaves in […]


The Secret Superpower of Starch By Cassandra Madge

We all know that starch stiffens, stabilises and smooths fabric, but that’s not all it does.  By Cassandra Madge It’s your worst nightmare. Blocks that were cut the same size suddenly don’t fit together or line up. That 121/2in block you spent all afternoon sewing is now only 121/8in. The quilting gurus will tell you […]

In The Studio With Textile Artist Lisa Walton

In The Studio With Textile Artist Lisa Walton

When Lisa Walton’s two children moved out of the family home in inner-west Sydney, she used the opportunity to merge their two bedrooms into one large studio to create a space which would be the envy of us all! Photography by Mark Heriot Lisa’s amazing studio space has two skylights, 12 spotlights and 24 power […]

Carolyn Sullivan Tells Us About Her Quilt Inspiration

Carolyn Sullivan Tells Us About the Inspiration behind her Quilts

Carolyn Sullivan is the author of many books documenting embroidery and textile designs from all over the world. Carolyn Sullivan’s embroidered and quilted works are inspired by these textiles. In this blog post she tells us more about her inspiration. By Carolyn Sullivan. I have always loved cultural textiles and a lot of my work has been based on […]

Sue Reid

Take a Look Inside Sue Reid’s Quilting Studio

We visit Sue Reid at her home in Victoria’s Goulburn Valley and see how her studio facilitates her creative activity, and her passion for the colour orange and textured quilts. Written by Erica Spinks. Sue Reid’s love of original textile work is obvious when you enter her studio. It is a large room with plenty of storage cupboards, […]