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Monica Poole’s Top 10 Bag Making Tips!

Why do we love to make handbags so much? Well, a handbag doesn’t have to fit anyone, they are the perfect personalised gift, they’re quick to make and a great way to build on your sewing skills. In a world of mass production, a handmade bag is a great way to express your own creativity […]

Deborah Louie Free-Motion Quilter

Quilting Advice from Deborah Louie: Free-Motion Quilting with a Cross Hatch Stencil

Take one cross hatch stencil and a free-motion foot… We’ve looked at using a walking foot and a one-inch cross-hatch stencil to create interesting quilting designs and textures in a previous blog post. In this blog post, we look at using a free-motion foot and the same stencil to undertake free-motion quilting. By Deborah Louie With all […]

Quilting Tips Michele Turner With Machine

Watch our FREE Long-arm Quilting Class

The hardest decision in the whole quilt making process is often quilting the final product. We’ve created an online long-arm quilting class, led by the talented Michele Turner and bursting with quilting tips! The class is perfect for those struggling to understand long-arm quilting and the different types of quilting which can be used in quilt […]

Cosy Project Food Wrap

Learn to make sustainable beeswax food wrap

Reusable food wraps are a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic food wraps such as cling film and snap-lock bags and you can make your own 100 per cent natural, made from quality cotton fabric and Australian beeswax food wraps by following these 8 easy steps. Make your own reusable shopping bags They are easy and […]


The Secret Superpower of Starch By Cassandra Madge

We all know that starch stiffens, stabilises and smooths fabric, but that’s not all it does.  By Cassandra Madge It’s your worst nightmare. Blocks that were cut the same size suddenly don’t fit together or line up. That 121/2in block you spent all afternoon sewing is now only 121/8in. The quilting gurus will tell you […]

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12 Tips and Hints For Working With Precuts

Using precut fabrics can make quick work for piecing a quilt top, since so much of the cutting has already been done for you. But if you’re new to using precut fabrics, there are a few things that will be helpful for you to know. Do you have left-over strips and shapes from your precut […]

Cosy Project Crochet

Robyn Hicks Shares her Favourite Crochet Projects and Tips

Robyn Hicks is an ultra-creative crocheter! She shares her two crochet favourite projects, her two top crochet tips and her love of crochet with us. Robyn Hicks’ Favourite Projects 1. The Crochet Curtain What rule book says that crochet can’t be used as curtaining? Not one on Robyn Hicks’ library shelf, that’s for sure. Robyn turned […]

Cosy Project Crochet Guide

Six Crochet Tips you’ll Wish you Knew when you Started

Self-taught crocheter Ashleigh Kiser has made a mire of mistakes and come out of the process with skill and a smile on her face. Here she passes on some must-read crochet tips so you can bypass the winding backroads of crochet knowledge and speed right along the highway to success. I haven’t talked about this […]

Quilting Secrets from the worlds biggest names

Sewing Secrets From the Biggest Names in Craft: Part 2

Last week we revealed 38 must-read secrets from some of the world’s best quilters. Afterwards we felt much better about ourselves and our own quilting shortcuts… And now in Part 2 we share a few more sewing secrets to comfort you even further! As well as inspire to keep going with these tricks from the trade. […]

Cosy Project easy to make pincushion

How To: Make this Gorgeous Pincushion Pattern in Six Simple Steps!

Martina Bahre, co-founder of Brisbane’s Ava & Neve, has created this wonderful hooped, Liberty print pincushion pattern. Make your own in just six easy steps! Everyone needs a cute little something in their sewing room to bring the space to life. I have a nasty way of popping the pins between my lips while I’m busy […]