Cosy Project Quilt Secrets

Sewing Secrets From the Biggest Names in Craft: Part 1

Time to spill a few beans on sewing secrets! Shortcuts, cheating and the odd make-do are within the realms of some of the craft-world’s biggest names, apparently. Kind of comforting, really! Some hitherto-secret admissions follow… Amy Garro’s Sewing Secrets 1. I sew over pins. Religiously. Okay, so I’ve gotten a little better at this one, but […]


6 Fun Ways to Conquer & Calm Crazed Bobbins

Who isn’t familiar with runaway bobbins? Bobbins trailing ever-lengthening loose threads? Bobbins thrown in drawers to fight it out amongst themselves? Tangles of bobbin tresses that can reduce you to tears? We’re here to show you 6 easy and creative sanity-saving solutions! A Moat of Bobbins You can always count on Karen Way, of Sew […]


10 Tips for a More Functional Sewing Space

Allie Olson has turned a small second bedroom in her rental house into her dream workroom and sewing space. And she’s happy to share her tidy-up tips with Cosy PROJECT to show you how, with a few strokes of her magic organisational wand, she’s turned clutter into calm and frightful into functional. For some time […]