Laura Petrovich-Cheney Portrait

Discover Laura Petrovich-Cheney and her quilt-like Sculptures

Laura Petrovich-Cheney creates sculptures that are just like patchwork quilts, except she swaps fabric for wood, rotary cutters for power tools and stitches for glue. Using salvaged wood pieces as her raw material, she makes art from what would otherwise end up as landfill. Written by Janai Velez. Photography by Wayne Hollendonner (quilts) and Dina Kantor […]

Wood Ann

Selvedge with designer Ann Wood

It all comes down to beauty in the beasts with Ann Wood’s wondrous creatures. Ann Wood perfectly formed mosquitoes ominously arch their bodies on long fragile legs, probosces aimed, ready for piercing. But those same menacing insects are dressed in genteel lace and fine, fine prints. What? Written by Susan Hurley Sewer rats stop for a […]

Becky Anne Tilson

Discover Becky Anne Tilson and her Delightful Hooped Animal Designs

Becky Anne Tilson has had many varied and interesting careers. She has practised cosmetology, cleaned houses, taught preschool children and waited tables. She has also worked at a zoo, retail store, salon and sandwich shop. Finally, she found her calling, as a gifted needlefelter and embroiderer, specialising in hooped animal designs. By Janai Velez. Becky […]

Cindy Steiler 1

Getting to know designer Cindy Steiler

The discarded, the old and the forgotten – they are all given new life courtesy of Cindy Steiler embroidered artworks, which have stitched characters flying kites, crocheting and riding horses and elements of the designs escaping from the constraints of frames and hoops – Janai Velez Double-hooped embroideries, dioramas, stitched portrait photographs and clay dolls with […]

Jacqueline Fink 2

Knitting BIG with designer Jacqueline Fink

“While I was asleep, a big, loud, booming voice said to me, ‘you have to knit and it needs to be big’. The command was as terrifying as it was profound and it woke me from my sleep. But I had asked for guidance from the universe for so long that I didn’t dare question my vision. There was no […]

Selvedge - Jane Jackson wool felt

Selvedge – Jane Jackson

“Although I quite like doing pictures of wildlife, getting their faces right, especially the eyes, is really difficult. With just a slightly wrong stab of a felting needle, an animal’s face can be transformed into something that looks very fierce, cross-eyed or way too cutesy. I’ve had to pull the heads off many an animal […]

Selvedge - Leni Levenson Wiener

Selvedge – Leni Levenson Wiener

“I consider what I do journalistic in nature. I think of myself as a storyteller in fabric,” says Leni Levenson Wiener. by Janai Velez Leni Levenson Wiener is a “people watcher” and has always been drawn to observing and immortalising everyday moments – people hunched over mobile phones or absorbed in their book, intimate glances […]

Designer Edge - Sarah K. Benning

Designer Edge – Sarah K. Benning

Sarah K. Benning splits her time between a sunny Spanish island and the USA, which makes having a garden and growing plants pretty difficult. by Janai Velez Instead, she has created a vibrant, indoor ‘vertical garden’ of embroidered plants, the inspiration for which came during the long, dark, cold winters experienced in Upstate New York. “It […]

Designer Edge - Megan Nedds

Designer Edge – Megan Nedds

When you look at this cheetah in mid-chase, you’re struck by its realism. You’re taken along on its hunt for prey – its eye fixed on its quarry, its posture streamlined and its movement sleek and effortless. by Susan Hurley Similarly, a quick glance at the needle-felted foxes has you caught up in their play. […]

Designer Edge - Andrea Brokenshire

Designer Edge – Andrea Brokenshire

Flowers are at the very core of American artist Andrea Brokenshire’s life. Big, beautiful blooms! Even as a child, she was drawn to them. by Janai Velez When her mother was shopping for fabrics with her daughters, Andrea’s sisters chose pale, quieter designs, while Andrea made a beeline for the brightest bolt in the store – […]