Stories Inthe Seams 1

Stories in the Seams – Tales of Antique Textiles and Quilts

Helen L. Sheppard Dounce Crazy Quilt By Virginia Vis — Volunteer Curatorial Assistant, Daughters of the American Revolution Museum Elaborate, complex, decorative — gaudy? The beauty of a crazy quilt is in the eye of the beholder. They’re composed of irregular-shaped fabric pieces sewn either to a foundation fabric or to each other in a […]

Christmas in July

Christmas & Craft in July

Here at Cosy PROJECT we want to help you start your Christmas projects in time for the festive season which means you have to start stitching now! So this July we’ve teamed up with the craft experts from Homespun and Quilters Companion magazines to offer you one FREE popular Christmas themed digital issue of your choice Simply, click on […]

Peta Peace Headshot

Designer Profile: Meet modern quilter, Peta Peace

Peta Peace, of She Quilts A Lot, and author of A Piece of Cake, is a modern quilter with a contemporary and simple style. Let’s find out more about her career and process. By Caroline Adams “My love affair with sewing probably started when I was young. My mum was always at the sewing machine […]

Hope Johnson

Designer profile with quilter Hope Johnson

Hope Johnson, of Vermont Quilt Bee, brings her love of nature to every quilt she makes. Caroline Adams finds out more There is always that special something that inspires us to create a quilt. Perhaps it’s the way colours work together, or the print on the fabric that calls to you. In Hope Johnson’s case, […]

Samantha Dorn Design Wall

Build a Quilt Design Wall for your Workspace

If you can’t stand back and see your planned configuration of quilt blocks, how can you judge the balance and symmetry? Build yourself a quilt design wall, and the problem vanishes. But how do you go about it? Samantha Dorn shows you, step by easy step. ­­ A design wall is a fabulous tool for […]

Minka's Portrati 9

How Angel Dutrisac creates Minka’s Portrait

How did Angel Dutrisac do it? When did Angel Dutrisac decide that she wanted to make a portrait of her daughter? As this is made from her clothing, did Angel Dutrisac save special items for the project? My idea to create a portrait quilt of my daughter, Minka, made from her baby clothing was something I […]

Soldiers Quilt

ANZAC Special: Quilts Stitched by Soldiers at War

On ANZAC Day we remember the contribution, suffering and sacrifice of Australian and New Zealander soldiers. Quilt-making on the battlefields seems an unlikely idea, but soldiers at war hand-stitched all of the quilts featured in this post. They did so during lulls in the fighting. Quilting was a form of therapy for soldiers recuperating from war wounds or held in prisoner-of-war […]

Cosy Project Food Wrap

Learn to make sustainable beeswax food wrap

Reusable food wraps are a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic food wraps such as cling film and snap-lock bags and you can make your own 100 per cent natural, made from quality cotton fabric and Australian beeswax food wraps by following these 8 easy steps. Make your own reusable shopping bags They are easy and […]

Phil Saul Crochet Chair

Phil Saul and the Renovation of a Tired, Old Chair

Once upon a time (an embarrassingly long time ago), Phil Saul lived alone in a flat in Oxford. The young psychologist loved her home very much and was happy there, but didn’t have much spare cash. Not being able to afford an antique overstuffed armchair on castors, she went to Ikea, where she bought a Poäng chair. […]

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The Fabric Trail … Inner Journeys

An exhibition by SAlt — South Australian living textiles By Julie Haddrick The artists’ unique and highly personal responses to the five themes of “inner journeys” — the physical, emotional, spiritual, creative and the journey of discovery — mirror the diversity of interpretations and responses found in us all. Consider the power of a physical […]