Colourful crochet by Emma Leith!

Famous for her ‘yarn bomb’ installations, crochet artist Emma Leith has been working with yarn for more than 15 years. Her love of colour is clearly expressed in her work as she seeks to bring a little joy to all who see it.

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Emma became an accidental expert in adorning public spaces when her crochet displays first hit the streets of Bath, England, in 2014, celebrating the Bath in Fashion event. Since then her work has been displayed around the UK and her new book, Mindful Crochet, published by CICO Books, taps into the health benefits of this popular craft, giving readers 35 crochet projects designed to help calm the mind and manage pain.

Make your own crochet-joined fabric blanket with this pattern

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Take your crocheting to new heights with this fun candy-themed crochet clock from Matthew Farci

To see more of Emma’s creative endeavours, visit her website or follow her Instagram account for a daily dose of happiness!

www.emmaleith.co.uk, @emmaleithatelier


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