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Getting Cosy with Leanne Milsom and Vicki Collumbine

Be inspired by our truly amazing contributors!

Leanne Milsom

Blog: www.lizzie-the-quilter.blogspot.com

“My sewing machine is like my best friend – we spend a lot of time together.”

Leanne Milsom

My style is…

“I’d say it’s modern, easy and fun. I love my garden, so I love to stitch flowers and anything with a garden theme.”

Leanne Milsom 17

Make this little Pouch of Plenty by Leanne Milsom!


“My cupboards are full of fabrics. I can always find a fabric that suits a particular project. I have a huge variety of prints, ranging from country colours to soft and pretty patterns. When I buy new fabrics, I usually leave them on my desk for a while, to admire while I’m sewing.”

Leanne Milsom 22

Space pace:

“I love having the day to potter in my sewing studio. I get so much enjoyment from that one room. It’s where all my ideas come to life.”

Leanne Milsom 4

Work on this sweet and pretty project by Leanne

Vicki Collumbine

Website: sewusefuldesigns.com.au

“Most of my learning has been from trial and error and from sweet, like-minded friends sharing their knowledge with me.”

Vikki Collumbine Portrait 2

My style is…

“I would sum up my style as cute and innocent, with a touch of whimsy. I’m drawn to a ‘pretty’ palette and love to add pompoms, ruffles and polka-dots into the mix.”

Vikki Collumbine 3

Handcraft a horse-inspired hoop wallhanging with Vicki’s pattern


“I love to rummage through my fabric scraps, as the further down the bin I go, the older the fabrics become and, with them, the memories of all those old projects I’ve made.”

Vikki Collumbine 8

Create a pretty but practical bag with the Strawberry Delight Bag pattern

Age of enlightenment!

“Becoming good at what you love takes time. One of the greatest gifts that maturity gives you (excuse me while I cough here!) is that you lighten up on yourself and allow yourself to make mistakes, so that you can grow and learn.”

Vikki Collumbine 18