How To Create A Knitting Chair In 6 Fun & Easy Steps

How To: Create A Knitting Chair In Six Fun, Easy Steps!

This is an easy, colourful knitting idea courtesy of Meta Coleman, from One More Mushroom. Any child would love to have something like knitting chair this in their nursery or playroom. Here’s how Meta went about making it so you can do the same!

Create a Knitting Chair

What You Need

  • A cheap (under $40) Lätt table and chairs set from Ikea
  • Some yarn

Knitting chair

Step 1

Tie a tight knot with the first piece of yarn around the leg of the chair.


Step 2

Wrap the yarn around the leg fairly tight.  It’s okay to wrap it with lots of spaces because you can push it down before wrapping the next colour. 

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Step 3

Make a tight knot with the previous colour and the new colour. Wrap all four legs in yarn.


Step 4

With a single colour of yarn, wrap around the seat horizontally.  Meta also left a tail of yarn at the top of each leg so she could knot it onto the peach yarn.

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Step 5

Wrap the yarn in varying thicknesses around the seat twice vertically so that none of the wood from the chair is showing.


Step 6

Wrap the seat back horizontally and vertically.  Finish off with several tight knots and you’re done! The chair is ready to be enjoyed! 

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