Pattern & Palette Play - Wilderness Fabrics

Pattern & Palette Play – Wilderness Fabrics

Pack a picnic and pack some punchy scenery into your stitching designs. Spring calls for adventures in national parks, and you can capture the pristine beauty of the wilderness with fabrics full of wild flora and fauna. Compiled by Janai Velez Left to right: 1. Moda Fabrics ‘Wild Blue Yonder’ Autumn 33120-14, designed by Sentimental Studios. […]

Designer Edge - Sarah K. Benning

Designer Edge – Sarah K. Benning

Sarah K. Benning splits her time between a sunny Spanish island and the USA, which makes having a garden and growing plants pretty difficult. by Janai Velez Instead, she has created a vibrant, indoor ‘vertical garden’ of embroidered plants, the inspiration for which came during the long, dark, cold winters experienced in Upstate New York. “It […]

The Lap App

Road Test: The Lap App

Driven by Clare Mooney As a lover of hand sewing and hand embroidery, I can’t tell you the number of times I have lost a pin, a needle, a reel of thread and even my scissors under my leg, wedged between the cushion and arm of the couch — and in the case of pins […]

Editor's Pick - Embroidered Essentials

Quilters Companion, Michelle Marvig’s top picks – Embroidered Essentials

No one craft is ever enough! We all try our hand at multiple techniques as the mood takes us. Maybe today you feel like a little project for some embroidered essentials? I found these beauties at   Just Be Yourself, by Jennifer Reynolds, is a wonderful little reminder to stay true to ourselves.   […]

Designer Edge - Megan Nedds

Designer Edge – Megan Nedds

When you look at this cheetah in mid-chase, you’re struck by its realism. You’re taken along on its hunt for prey – its eye fixed on its quarry, its posture streamlined and its movement sleek and effortless. by Susan Hurley Similarly, a quick glance at the needle-felted foxes has you caught up in their play. […]

Baby Goes Vintage

Baby Goes Vintage

Some people are lucky enough to have heirloom baby outfits passed down the generations. For everyone else, lovely online stores that stock special vintage outfits mean that your little ones won’t have to miss out on 20th-century style. Let’s take a step back into the wardrobes of  lace trims, puffed sleeves and whimsical appliqué. Compiled by […]


Designer Edge with Ulla-Stina Wikander

So you can’t afford a Van Gogh! So what? You can always stitch one in tapestry form. And if you are Ulla-Stina Wikander, you can then cut up your finished masterpiece and use the oddments to cover your vacuum cleaner. Or telephone, or typewriter, or pram. Or…. by Susan Hurley That might sound like stitching […]

Designer Profile: Nicole Vos van Avezathe

Designer Profile: Nicole Vos van Avezathe

Getting to know … NICOLE VOS VAN AVEZATHE Being European, do you love cosy days inside in winter or do you dream of swaying palm trees and golden beaches in the tropics? I’m definitely more a fall/winter person. The idea of snuggling under a quilt with a book is more appealing to me than lying […]


28 Best-in-the-west Textile Ranges Patterns

By Janai Velez Yippee ki-yay! We’ve saddled up and headed straight to cowboy country to corral best-in-the-west textile ranges. They will spur you into creative action! Left to right: 1. Windham Fabrics ‘Ranch Hands’ 42579-1, designed by Whistler Studios. Distributed by Leutenegger. 2. Windham Fabrics ‘Ranch Hands’ 42582-4, designed by Whistler Studios. Distributed by Leutenegger. 3. Moda […]

Secret treasures of the Poos Collection

Secret treasures of the Poos Collection

By Kay and Lori Lee Triplett Check out our sewing patterns! One of the largest privately held quilt and textile collections in the world, The Poos Collection, was named to honour our grandmother, Martha Poos. She was an avid quiltmaker who taught both of us to quilt, however most of the quilts in the collection were not […]