6 Steps To Embroidery Watchmaking Project

6 Steps To Embroidery Watchmaking Project

Here’s a timeless example of embroidery meets watchmaking. Frenchwoman Sylvie Deschamps is an acclaimed embroiderer who has collaborated with luxury jewellery brand Piaget with ultra-creative results. Reinterpreting the Yves Piaget rose motif on the dial of the Piaget Altiplano watch, she used needle and thread and the micro-pointillism technique to create the effect she was […]


Designer Edge: Liz Cooksey And Her Embroidery Artwork

We look at Liz Cooksey’s embroidery artworks which free birds from behind bars but retain the beauty of feather-soft fabrics and yarns juxtaposed against rigid wirework. By Janai Velez Her tiny winged creatures clearly like the idea as much as we do, sticking around to perch on the metal framework, rather than taking flight. Katrina […]


Designer Profile On Michelle Holmes and her Betty Embroidery Series

Let it be said that all of Michelle Holmes creative work is inspiring and unique, as is her stables studio.By Susan Hurley But in the interest of conserving text space here, we’re going to concentrate on Michelle Holmes charming Betty series of embroideries, which completely win your heart. They’re the fusion of yesterday’s storybooks and […]


How To Quilt With Clear Thread

Have you ever used clear thread when machine quilting, perhaps successfully, perhaps not? Well, I would like to share with you one of my all-time favourite threads, MonoPoly. By Deborah Louie This wonderfully versatile clear thread is made by Superior Threads. I visited their website for some information and this is what it said: “Our […]


Pattern & Palette Play – Winter Fabrics

Classic navy blue with splashes of red is a winning combination for a knitted jumper, elegant cross stitch or a cosy quilt. Whatever craft you’re working on this winter, we hope it’s by a roaring fire with a hot chocolate on hand. Compiled by Janai Velez Create our Four Days Of Christmas Wallhanging quilt!  Left […]

Inside US Designer Hildie Westenhavers Craft Studio

Inside US Designer Hildie Westenhaver’s Craft Studio

YouTube videos and optimism see Hildie Westenhaver take on decorating projects and discover hidden skills. And her cheery craft studio is the beneficiary. From tiling to furnishings and feature walls, Hildie doesn’t shy away from a DIY challenge. By Janai Velez “I laid the yellow and white vinyl composite floor tiles myself. I had never done […]


Sherwood Green Fabrics

Robin Hood and his Merry Men did more than rob from the rich and give to the poor – they inspired our whole range of Sherwood green fabrics. Compiled by Janai Velez Make a fun lap quilt with appliqué flowers, the Blooming Daisies Quilt Top L – R Clockwise: Art Gallery Fabrics ‘Heartland’ Pinetre Fog […]


Pastel Play Fabrics

Kid-in-a-candy-store sweet treats! Modern children’s fabrics have come of age and beg to be sewn into tiny garments, quilts and precious toys. Compiled by Janai Velez Windham Fabrics ‘Laundry Day’ 42416-X, designed by Whistler Studios. Distributed by Leutenegger. Windham Fabrics ‘Laundry Day’ 42417-3, designed by Whistler Studios. Distributed by Leutenegger. Riley Blake Designs ‘Happy Day’ […]


Honey Bee Fabrics: A Cute Pattern & Palette Play

Get a real buzz this month by dipping into our sweet collection of bee fabrics. It features golden yellows, rich, syrupy ambers and warm ochres, all fresh from flower to hive! 1. Liberty Art Fabrics ‘Classic Collection’ Capel G. Distributed and sold by The Strawberry Thief. 2. Windham Fabrics ‘Evelyn’ D419884, designed by Whistler Studios. […]


Inside Karen Fulton’s Travelling Sewing Workroom

Karen Fulton mapped out her path – buy a van, furnish it for sewing and sleeping and then travel around Australia. Here, she shares the ups and downs of taking her fashion label on the road. By Janai Velez A sewing space spilling out from the back a van and into the great outdoors comes with […]