How To Create A Blue & Pink Floral & Lace Bookmark

Here’s a sweet beginners’ project courtesy of Kylie McGinnity, of Handmade Kids, and Brother – calico-based bookmarks with floral and lace decorations. These were originally made as a Mother’s Day idea, but we figure they make a perfect small gift for anyone, anytime. And as Kylie notes, they lend themselves to being customised with cross […]

Shape Cut Plus by June Tailor

Shape Cut Plus by June Tailor

Driven by Michelle Marvig The Shape Cut Plus is just one in a series of rulers in this style by June Tailor. The rulers are made of a heavy plastic that is firm, but not rigid like your normal rulers. They have a succession of slots along their length, into which you place your rotary […]


Skinny Robin 45° Compass Ruler by Robin Ruth Designs

Driven by Michelle Marvig The Mariner’s Compass design is a very elegant, traditional block, with an extensive range of variations. It has long been a favourite of mine. I have previously constructed the block using freezer-paper templates, acrylic templates and foundation papers. As I wandered around the stalls at Houston Quilt Festival 2015, Robin Ruth […]


Left-Handed Crafting Guide

Between 10 and 15 per cent of the population is left-handed, and most tools, utensils and other industrial and household items are designed to suit right-handed users. We can’t help with kettles and power drills, but read on to find out how to embroider, sew, knit, crochet, cut and iron as a left-handed crafting guru. […]


Terial Magic Spray by Terial Arts

Michelle Marvig explains Terial Magic Spray by Terial Arts and how to use it on your chosen fabric for the best possible results. Driven by Michelle Marvig Patterns, products, tools and our own skills are changing constantly. I started sewing originally to make clothes, now I do not even do hems! When I found machine-pieced […]

6 Steps To Embroidery Watchmaking Project

6 Steps To Embroidery Watchmaking Project

Here’s a timeless example of embroidery meets watchmaking. Frenchwoman Sylvie Deschamps is an acclaimed embroiderer who has collaborated with luxury jewellery brand Piaget with ultra-creative results. Reinterpreting the Yves Piaget rose motif on the dial of the Piaget Altiplano watch, she used needle and thread and the micro-pointillism technique to create the effect she was […]


Q’nique 14+ Mid-arm Quilting Machine Driven By Michelle Marvig

Constructing the quilt top is only half of our journey towards completing a quilt. The quilting of the three layers is integral to the finished look of the project. Big quilts can be hard to handle on a domestic machine and bigger machines can make this job easier. I recently played on the Q’nique 14+ […]


How To Quilt With Clear Thread

Have you ever used clear thread when machine quilting, perhaps successfully, perhaps not? Well, I would like to share with you one of my all-time favourite threads, MonoPoly. By Deborah Louie This wonderfully versatile clear thread is made by Superior Threads. I visited their website for some information and this is what it said: “Our […]


Quick & Easy Sewing Project

To tree or not to tree… that is the question mark behind these tiny, utterly adorable sew pea coats, the perfect easy sewing project. Their creator, Kelli Ward, of True Bias (www.truebias.com), originally made them as Xmas-tree decorations, but they are too cute to hide away for 11 months of the year. So, we suggest […]

How To Quilt a Jelly Roll Race Quilt by Deborah Louie

How to Quilt a Jelly Roll Race Quilt with Deborah Louie

Deborah Louie shares her domestic quilting advice on how to Quilt a Jelly Roll race Quilt. Dear Deborah, I have made this jelly-roll quilt (160cm x 185cm) for my son, then I sandwiched it but I don’t know how to quilt it. I would love your advice on how I should be quilting this design. […]