Pressing Mat 2

A Road Test by Michelle Marvig: The Magik Pressing Mat

Life is too short to iron, right? I avoid buying clothes that require ironing, fold the clothes as soon as they come off the line, and have never ironed household linen. So, why am I happy to be testing something that has to do with ironing?Because the one thing that I am pedantic about pressing is […]

Quilting Tips Michele Turner With Machine

Watch our FREE Long-arm Quilting Class

The hardest decision in the whole quilt making process is often quilting the final product. We’ve created an online long-arm quilting class, led by the talented Michele Turner and bursting with quilting tips! The class is perfect for those struggling to understand long-arm quilting and the different types of quilting which can be used in quilt […]

Samantha Dorn Design Wall

Build a Quilt Design Wall for your Workspace

If you can’t stand back and see your planned configuration of quilt blocks, how can you judge the balance and symmetry? Build yourself a quilt design wall, and the problem vanishes. But how do you go about it? Samantha Dorn shows you, step by easy step. ­­ A design wall is a fabulous tool for […]

Cool Tools - Glue and Cutterz

Cool Tools on the Patchwork and Quilting Market – Glues, Cutterz and Caddies

This page is devoted to bringing you all the trusted old favourites and new tools on the patchwork and quilting market. Roxanne Glue-Baste-It This is not a new tool, but a new and improved applicator. Designed by Pauline Rogers, the two-way applicator features a nozzle on one end for small glue dots and a wider […]

The Lap App

Road Test: The Lap App

Driven by Clare Mooney As a lover of hand sewing and hand embroidery, I can’t tell you the number of times I have lost a pin, a needle, a reel of thread and even my scissors under my leg, wedged between the cushion and arm of the couch — and in the case of pins […]

Cool Tools for Patchwork and Quilting

Cool Tool’s for Patchwork and Quilting

This page is devoted to bringing you all the trusted old favourites and brand new tool/s to the patchwork and quilting market. Udderly Smooth This tool has long been favoured by sewers as its non-greasy formula doesn’t leave residue on fabric and threads and doesn’t stain. Create the perfect tool bag for all your sewing […]