Laura Petrovich-Cheney Portrait

Discover Laura Petrovich-Cheney and her quilt-like Sculptures

Laura Petrovich-Cheney creates sculptures that are just like patchwork quilts, except she swaps fabric for wood, rotary cutters for power tools and stitches for glue. Using salvaged wood pieces as her raw material, she makes art from what would otherwise end up as landfill. Written by Janai Velez. Photography by Wayne Hollendonner (quilts) and Dina Kantor […]

Koala Softie Pattern Feature

FREE Softie Pattern: Make these Adorable Koalas!

Delilah Iris has created this adorable koala softie pattern, and we’re passing it on to you for FREE! Who doesn’t want a tiny, felty koala to call their own? This softie pattern is complete in 8 simple steps! Koala Softie Pattern You will need: White and coloured wool felt plus a scrap of black Pair of small […]

Rose Fabrics 29-30

Rose Fabrics: A Romantic Pattern & Palette Play

This week we’re admiring all things rosy! We’ve hand picked a selection of prickle-free, everlasting roses, just for you! Enjoy scrolling through 30 of our favourite rose fabrics. Top L – R Clockwise: 1. Penny Rose Fabrics ‘English Rose’ Main C6970-PINK, designed by Penny Rose Studio. Distributed by Millhouse Collections. 2. FreeSpirit ‘Autumn Grace’ Rose […]

Robyn Hicks Wall Hanging Feature

Meet Designers Natashia Curtin and Robyn Hicks

Be inspired by our truly amazing Cosy PROJECT designers and contributors! This week we meet Natashia Curtin from Smee Designs, and Robyn Hicks from Yummy Yarn and Co! Natashia Curtin On stitching… “Stitching is also an awesome mechanism for getting out of washing the floor as often as I should.” My personal style is… “Diva cockatoos, […]

Wood Ann

Selvedge with designer Ann Wood

It all comes down to beauty in the beasts with Ann Wood’s wondrous creatures. Ann Wood perfectly formed mosquitoes ominously arch their bodies on long fragile legs, probosces aimed, ready for piercing. But those same menacing insects are dressed in genteel lace and fine, fine prints. What? Written by Susan Hurley Sewer rats stop for a […]

Pet Fabrics 2

Pet Fabrics! It’s reigning cats and dogs – Pattern and Palette Play

Reigning cats and dogs! Straight off the catwalk, these fine felines and chic canines make paw form an artform. We narrowed down a parade of fabric designs to bring you the ‘best in show’ pet fabrics. Compiled by Janai Velez Pet fabrics: Top to bottom, left to right Windham Fabrics ‘Hot Dogs and Cool Cats’ […]

Becky Anne Tilson

Discover Becky Anne Tilson and her Delightful Hooped Animal Designs

Becky Anne Tilson has had many varied and interesting careers. She has practised cosmetology, cleaned houses, taught preschool children and waited tables. She has also worked at a zoo, retail store, salon and sandwich shop. Finally, she found her calling, as a gifted needlefelter and embroiderer, specialising in hooped animal designs. By Janai Velez. Becky […]

Phil Saul Crochet Chair

Phil Saul and the Renovation of a Tired, Old Chair

Once upon a time (an embarrassingly long time ago), Phil Saul lived alone in a flat in Oxford. The young psychologist loved her home very much and was happy there, but didn’t have much spare cash. Not being able to afford an antique overstuffed armchair on castors, she went to Ikea, where she bought a Poäng chair. […]

Margeaux Davis

Welcome to Margeaux Davis’s Workroom

MARGEAUX DAVIS’S ideas run wild on a lush property in regional NSW. Margeaux Davis invites us to explore her magical surroundings and treasure-trove workroom, where her fabric dolls and animals are ‘born’. By Janai Velez Nestled between rolling green hills, cow paddocks and macadamia farms is Margeaux Davis’s creative sanctuary – a 100-year-old house, which […]

Jacqueline Fink 2

Knitting BIG with designer Jacqueline Fink

“While I was asleep, a big, loud, booming voice said to me, ‘you have to knit and it needs to be big’. The command was as terrifying as it was profound and it woke me from my sleep. But I had asked for guidance from the universe for so long that I didn’t dare question my vision. There was no […]