Mend Fabrics in Ten Different, Creative Ways

If you’ve torn it, flaunt it! Forget invisible techniques used to mend fabrics, they are way too dull and discreet! Today it’s all about parading your patches with Mardi Gras flamboyance and embracing fabric wear and tear as a blank canvas for your stitching artistry. So let rip and make some darn magic with exuberant […]


Start Homespun’s 2017 Block of the Month!

The Feburary Homespun is always hard to beat because it launches our much anticipated Block of the Month. And this year our Block of the Month is a doozy – ‘specially for kids! And as usual we have 10 other step-by-step easy-to-follow projects covering crafts including quilts, bags, dolls, and more to make your February fantastic. Never […]